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TPMS Service Tools And Accessories

IconPart NumberDescriptionProduct Size
14-60714-607 TPMS Cabinet TPMS Wall Cabinet1EABX
17-16117-161 TPMS Torque Wrench 1/4in. drive Torque Wrench 30-150 in-lbs (In Plastic Case)1EABX
17-161A17-161A TORQUE WRENCH 1/4in. Dr. Torque Wrench Kit1EABX
17-16417-164 11mm Deep Socket 11mm Deep Socket 1/4in. drive1EABG
17-16517-165 12mm Deep Socket 12mm Deep Socket 1/4ft drive1EABG
17-16617-166 4-Way Valve Tool TPMS 4-Way Valve Tool1EABG
17-16717-167 Torque Tool Torque Screwdriver Tool1EABX
17-167A17-167A T10 Torque Set T10 Torque Screwdriver Set1EABX
17-167B17-167B T-10 Replacement Bit Replacement T-10 Bit for 17-1671EABG
17-16817-168 TPMS Toolkit TPMS Torque Tool Kit1EABX
17-16917-169 Grommet Slide Grommet Removal Tool1EABG
17-17017-170 Grommet Pick Grommet Pick Removal Tool1EABG
17-17317-173 Torque Tool TPMS Valve Core Torque Tool1EABG
17-490T17-490T Valve Cores TPMS High Temp Red Valve Core Nickel Plated100PCBX
17-490TY17-490TY Valve Cores TPMS High Temp Yellow Valve Core Nickel Plated100PCBX
17-492G-117-492G-1 Valve Cap Dark Green Plastic Valve Cap with Red Silicone Seal100PCBX
17-492L-117-492L-1 Valve Cap Long Skirted Black Plastic Cap with Seal100PCBX
17-492T-117-492T-1 Valve Cap Gray Plastic TPMS Valve Cap with Red Silicone Seal100PCBX
17-493P17-493P Valve Cap Chromed Plastic Hex Cap100PCBX
17-494T17-494T TPMS Crome Sleeve Chromed Plastic Sleeve for TPMS Snap-In Valves100PCBG
17-60117-601 TPMS Tool TPMS Sensor Service Tool1EABG
19-122-201519-122-2015 2015 TIA Chart TIA Relearn Chart 20151EABG
19-13019-130 TPMS POP Disp POP TPMS Countertop Display1EABG